November 30, 2017

eImpact Report

3435 NE 45th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

(503) 773-9689 

City of Dacono

512 Cherry St
Dacono, CO 80514

Proposal No. 11302017-2  


With a population of around 5k within city limits, but a trade area of more than 115k people with a 15-minute drive, Dacono is in a unique position to tell a compelling story to prospective businesses.

Dacono seeks to create data-rich reports to grab the attention of site selectors, who might otherwise discount the potential of the region. Doing so will boost the appeal of the area to restaurant, retail and other businesses and help the City and its partners achieve their economic development goals.

This proposal outlines a complete data reporting solution, from reports embedded on the City's website, to tailored reports for specific opportunities.


Project Outcomes

Specifically, Dacono would like to:

  • Feature data on the true Trade Area of Dacono from 15-minute drive-time perspective.
  • Publish a range of data points, from socio-economic, to psychographic market segments. 
  • Provide professional, engaging reports tailored to specific opportunities.
  • Embed reports into the City of Dacono website to boost communications.


  • Market Overview report:
        • Population profile
        • Workforce
        • Industry breakdowns
        • Drive-time radius visualizations
        • Market segmentation data (integrated 3rd party source)

Example Market Segment Data

Consumer Segments Share
  • Collection of publicly-sourced data, including automated feeds to keep data current over time
  • Support for integration into website
  • Training and support for report creating tools


  • Part 1: On-boarding
    • Identify data sources and key metrics
    • Set up data feeds and load supplementary data from 3rd party source
  • Part 2: Report Creation
    • Complete Market Overview report
    • Collect feedback from City staff
    • Make updates based on feedback and deploy reports
    • Support the integration of the reports into website (embed codes provided)
  • Part 3: Training 
    • Report creating tools: making edits, adding data, creating new reports


Delivery in 4 weeks from start (pending lead time on 3rd party data)


  • Price: $27,300
  • Renews annually


  • Report creation
  • Data collection and automation
  • 12-month access to online reports & report toolset