December 4, 2018

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The methodology used in this report analysis, called an input-output model, is a gravitational flows model based on various data sources from federal and state government agencies. These data sources create the underlying model, which is then harmonized with an industry-standard employment database to make the estimates more precise by industry category and more geographically granular. Finally the data are modified using a geographic Impedance Matrix from Oak Ridge National Labs that allows us to make the geographic boundaries of the impacts more robust.


Over the past several years a number of bills have been passed in Oregon impacting employers, and in particular the small businesses that are economic engines in the state.

OBI seeks to publish a report on the aggregate impact of the five labors bills passed, in order to make the aggregate impact clear.

Doing so will help OBI put a face to the legislation, and empower the advocacy team to be even more influential in Salem.


Project Outcomes

Specifically, OBI would like to:

  • Quantify the economic impact of five (5) labor-related bills pertaining to:

            1. Minimum Wage

            2. Health Insurance

            3. Pay Equity

            4. Overtime

            5. Predictive Scheduling

  • Tell the impact story on small businesses in terms of Jobs, Taxes, Revenue/Sales, Wages
  • Use the report in lobbying meetings, communications and other components of the advocacy strategy


  • Economic Impact Report, including:
    • Data collection and analysis for State of Oregon
    • Economic impact of five labor policies, in aggregate, on small businesses
    • Data tables, charts and other visualizations highlighting employment effects 
    • Business survey questionnaire (to be sent out by OBI to members, maximum of 5-8 questions pertaining to jobs cut, jobs avoided related to labor policies)
    • MSA level detail (3 regions, to be determined by OBI at start), rural area detail (1 region)
    • Complete report in online and print format 
    • Support for integration of embedded report on OBI or other website (as applicable)


PHASE 1: On-boarding and Business Survey (2 weeks)

  • Set up eImpact data feeds on State of Oregon
  • Compile survey questions for OBI to send to members, collect responses

PHASE 2: Data Analysis and Report Creation (4-6 weeks)

  • Analyze survey responses and conduct impact analysis
  • Create draft report
  • Collect OBI feedback
  • Finalize report
  • Support integration to OBI website (as applicable)


Report Fee: $27,300

  • Statewide economic impact report in online and PDF format
  • 12-month access to online report (including embed codes for OBI site, if applicable)
  • Optional annual renewal, including data refresh: $15,400


  • This proposal is valid for 30 days from issuance date



The report at right is an example of an eImpact report addressing the economic impact of a proposed policy in Oregon.

Explore the report to see how eImpact makes economic impact reports easy-to-consume and interactive.