March 2018


Sandy C 

Nick Duerksen

Economic Development/Redevelopment Director


eImpact Report

3435 NE 45th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

(503) 773-9689  


With a population over 95k, average income over $80k, and access to incredible recreation, Sandy, Utah is an ideal place for businesses and residents alike. The city is on a steep upward trend, adding as many jobs per year as Salt Lake City.

The Sandy CIt seeks to use city and sub-city level data to create reports for a range of audiences.

Doing so will help the City attract businesses, engage the public and track critical metrics internally.


Project Outcomes

Specifically, the Sandy City would like to:

  • Quantify key metrics by city, sub-city and business district levels
  • Provide a simplified data report on its website for the public at-large
  • Create a dashboard of point-in-time data to track internally
  • Provide professional, engaging reports to prospective businesses (RFI responses)


  • Sandy Data Reports to include:
    • Key data points: lease rates (office, retail, industrial), purchase rates, net absorption, jobs by industry, wage ranges by city district and more
    • Sales tax and otherata provided by the City
    • City, The Cairns District and TIF District profiles
    • Highlight important trends and takeaways, for example: creating as many jobs as SLC since 2014, 83% of residents have college degrees or higher, etc.
    • Data visualizations including interactive charts, maps and other widgets
    • Report layout and formatting
  • Collection of data, including automated feeds to keep data current over time
  • Historical trend data from previous 4 years 
  • Support for integration into website (embed code provided for each report)
  • Report, chart and data export
  • Training and support for report editing tools


  • Part 1: On-boarding
    • Identify data sources and key metrics
    • Set up data feeds and load supplementary data 
  • Part 2: Report Creation
    • Complete analysis and report
    • Collect feedback from staff
    • Make updates based on feedback and deploy reports
    • Support the integration of the reports into website (embed codes provided)
  • Part 3: Training 
    • Report editing tools: making changes, adding data, creating new reports (e.g., RFI responses)


Delivery in 3-4 weeks from start


  • Report fee: $19,800 (renews annually)
    • Note: for clients that choose not to renew, reports can be exported as PDF files
    • Includes all 3rd party data fees



The embedded report at right shows how an eImpact report would appear as embedded on your website. Scroll down to see the full report, and feel free to explore the drop-down menus for different data points.

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