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The California Primary Care Association advocates on behalf of the 1,600 community health centers across the state. A key component of this advocacy is data reporting and communication.

CPCA seeks to produce better reports and fact sheets with timely data, while making it possible for more members of the team to generate reports on the fly.

Doing so will help make CPCA even more effective in its advocacy while reducing staff time spent on tedious reporting tasks.


Project Outcomes

Specifically, CPCA would like to:

  • Generate fact sheets for all California legislative districts and counties in consistent format.
  • Provide interactive online reports on website that can also be downloaded and printed.
  • Empower additional members of team to generate ad hoc reports.
  • Utilize data compiled by CPCA as well as from public sources (Census, etc).


  • CPCA Data Reporting Solution:
    • Unify data from multiple sources (CPCA excel files, publicly sourced data, partner such as Kaiser)
    • Data visualizations including interactive charts, maps and other widgets
    • Pre-formatted fact sheets for legislative districts and counties
    • Embedded on website as well as printed
    • Secure cloud hosting

  • Collection of publicly-sourced data, including automated feeds to keep data current over time
  • Historical trend data from previous 4 years 
  • Support for integration into website (embed code provided for each report)
  • Training and support for report editing tools


  • Part 1: On-boarding
    • Identify and load data sources
    • Set up data feeds and load supplementary data 
  • Part 2: Report Creation
    • Complete state, district, county overviews
    • Collect feedback from staff
    • Make updates based on feedback and deploy reports
    • Support the integration of the reports into website (embed codes provided)
  • Part 3: Training 
    • Report editing tools: making changes, adding data, creating new reports


Delivery in 2-3 weeks from start


  • Report fee: $9,999 (renews annually)
    • Note: for clients that choose not to renew, reports can be exported as PDF files


  • Report creation
  • Data collection and automation
  • 12-month access to online reports & report toolset

Hospital Association County Overviews
The report at right is an example eImpact report from the health care sector. This example shows the interactivity of the online report version -- drill in to explore!