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Hatfied-McCoy Regional

Recreational Authority

28 Big Pinnacle Branch Rd

Julian, WV 25529


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The Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority drives economic development in the region through recreation centered on the expansive network of trails, whose visitors support a growing base of local businesses.

Hatfield-McCoy seeks to create a business opportunity report highlighting the opportunities for new local businesses. 

Doing so will show "would-be" entrepreneurs the data and success stories they need to make the decision to open new businesses and grow the local economy.


Project Outcomes

Specifically, Hatfield-McCoy would like to:

  • Highlight the impact of 44 entrepreneurs on the community using internal data
  • Show local success stories and make residents aware existing businesses
  • Demonstrate demand for new businesses to open, for example lodging establishments
  • Feature the reports on the trailsheaven.com website 


  • Business Opportunity Report:
    • Data on 44 local businesses (internal) plus economic data on the area
    • Data visualizations including interactive charts, maps and other widgets
    • Report formatting and styling (aligned to Hatfield-McCoy brand)
    • Embedded on website as well as printed
    • Secure cloud hosting

  • Collection of publicly-sourced data, including automated feeds to keep data current over time
  • Historical trend data from previous 4 years 
  • Support for integration into website (embed code provided for each report)
  • Training and support for report editing tools


  • Part 1: On-boarding
    • Identify and load data sources
    • Set up data feeds and load supplementary data 
  • Part 2: Report Creation
    • Complete region overview
    • Collect feedback from staff
    • Make updates based on feedback and deploy reports
    • Support the integration of the reports into website (embed codes provided)
  • Part 3: Training 
    • Report editing tools: making changes, adding data, creating new reports


Delivery in 2-3 weeks from start


  • Report fee: $7,500 
    • Optional annual renewal for ongoing data updates to report


  • Report creation
  • Data collection and automation
  • 12-month access to online reports & report toolset

Market Overview

Explore the example eImpact report at right to see how we deliver interactive, engaging reports. 

Scroll down to see the full report, and click on report elements to drill in further.

All reports can be printed or exported.