JULY 2018

eImpact Report

3435 NE 45th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

(503) 773-9689 

Grapevine Economic Development

Grapevine City Hall

200 S. Main Street

Grapevine, TX  76051

Proposal No. 06042018-3 


With a population of just 50k people but a labor shed many factors larger, the business opportunity of Grapevine, Texas is ripe for the telling.

Grapevine seeks to tell an accurate, defensible data narrative about the robust workforce that exists within a 25-minute commute, along with other key indicators businesses need to evaluate.

Doing so will help Grapevine recruit employers across multiple industries, spread awareness about Grapevine more broadly, and win more opportunities. 

eImpact will let Grapevine be able to answer key questions such as: 

What is the labor draw within a typical 25-minute commute time?

What are the specific numbers for workers in different sectors?

What is growth in the area forecasted to be over 10 years?

Tailored to your community

Tailored to the standard commute times and traffic patterns of Grapevine, TX, this analysis will set specific data boundaries to quantify accurate workforce data for every key industry (services, high tech and more).


Project Outcomes

Specifically, Grapevine would like to:

  • Use standard commute times in the area (e.g., 20- and 25-minute drive-time) to set a boundary around workforce population data.
  • Publish the Grapevine data story for business recruitment and RFI responses.
  • Integrate multiple data sources, from CoStar to BLS and others, in one location and storyline.
  • Show how Grapevine stands out compared to competitor areas


Labor Draw Report for Grapevine:

    • Drive-time data analysis across all key data points
    • Integration of multiple data sources (link to data list)
    • Data visualizations including interactive charts, maps and other widgets
    • Report layout and formatting
    • Automated data feeds to keep report current (quarterly and monthly, depending on source)
    • 20-year historical trend data
    • 10-year data forecasting
    • Integration into Grapevine website
    • Training and support

Our Process

Our typical turnaround time is 4 weeks, including incorporating client feedback until the report tells the story needed. We minimize time burden on staff at all steps in the process.


Report fee: $19,800

    • We can discount the fee by $2,300 for CoStar data if provided by Grapevine (net fee $17,500)
    • Option for annual renewal
    • 12-month access to online report toolset