eImpact Report | August 2018


Kilgore Economic Development Corporation

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eImpact Report

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Portland, OR 97213

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  • The Kilgore Economic Development Corporation is the leading business advocate in the area, creating new jobs and quality of life for residents.
  • The Kilgore EDC seeks to enhance and streamline is data reporting, producing professional reports used in tailored proposals as well as embedded on its website.
  • Doing so will enable the Kilgore EDC to attract primary employers in key industries, driving the economy forward, while significantly reducing time spent formatting data.


The following proposal outlines a complete data reporting solution, including automated data updates from public sources as well as periodic uploading of JobsEQ datasets.

  1. Kilgore Data Reporting Solution
    1. Inputs:
      • County, MSA, Labor Draw areas of analysis
      • Current period employment and 20-year trend
      • Industry and occupational data by NAICS code
      • JobsEQ data (licensed and provided by client)
      • Comparisons to peer/competitor cities
      • Household and per capita income
      • Demographics
      • Housing supply and affordability
      • Other inputs as required
    2. Format report: design and layout, branding 
    3. Set up data feeds to automate updates
    4. Quarterly upload of JobsEQ data (more frequent uploads also supported)
  2. Website Embedding: dashboard provided with embed code for seamless integration to Kilgore EDC website, including styling. Embedded version stays current with quarterly updates, automatically.
  3. Tailoring for Proposals: the Kilgore report can be duplicated and customized for individual proposals; training and support provided.
  4. Engagement Tracking: dashboard view tracking for primary public version as well as individual sharing (tracked by email address).
  5. Training and Support: for duration of 12-month term phone and email support will be provided for any technical issues.


We strive to minimize your staff burden during our dashboard creation process. The typical staff time requirement from start to finish is 3-4 phone calls for direction and input.


  1. Total Fee: $7,600 
    1. Components:
      • eImpact Report license
      • Professional services
      • Quarterly uploads of JobsEQ (included in price; $600 may be deducted if done by client) 
      • Training and Support
      • Optional annual renewal

Independence, OR
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