eImpact | September 2018


City of Vacaville

650 Merchant Street

Vacaville, CA 95688


eImpact Report

3435 NE 45th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

(503) 773-9689 


  • The Vacaville Economic Development Department is the driver for growing employment and economic prosperity in the community.
  • As part of this work Vacaville seeks to publish quarterly economic indicators to track outcomes on key programs, including a narrative that puts the data into context.
  • Doing so will enable the Vacaville to track and communicate how they are moving the needle, and provide current data to City Council and residents alike.


The following proposal outlines a complete quarterly economic data reporting solution, including economic narrative and automated data updates. The output of this report will be a "snapshot" of the Vacaville economy, seamlessly embedded on the ChooseVacaville website.

  1. Vacaville Economic Data Reporting Solution
    • Inputs:
      1. Employment - total jobs, YoY growth by Industry type. Is employment following key economic development goals?
      2. Commuting - in and outflow of workers and industry comparisons. Are there economic development opportunities to employ more locally? 
      3. Sales and TOT Tax (data provided by Client) - commerce and tourism sales tax data and comparisons to other/competing cities. How do local patterns compare to the region overall?
      4. Population Growth - 20-year population trend. What are housing needs and labor force trends over time?
      5. Housing - both for sale and rental prices, comparisons to other/competing cities. How are prices in Vacaville trending compared to neighboring areas, and what is the supply and demand dynamic?
      6. Net Business Growth - firms growth overall and by Industry type. Are there losses or gains in key industries? 
    • Key industries detail:
      1. Biotech: Biomanufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing
      2. Advanced Manufacturing: Advanced Materials
      3. Logistics
      4. Food Processing: Agricultural Products, Raw Materials, Packaging, Beverage Manufacturing
    • Set up Vacaville shape file for computing data; set up data feeds to automate quarterly updates (schedule of updates to be defined based on final data point list)
    • Complete report: economic narrative, design and layout
    • Semi-annual updating of Vacaville shape file
  2. Website Embedding: dashboard provided with embed code for seamless integration to ChooseVacaville website, including styling. Embedded version stays current with quarterly updates, automatically.
  3. Engagement Tracking: dashboard view tracking for primary public version as well as individual sharing (tracked by email address).
  4. Training and Support: for duration of 12-month term phone and email support will be provided for any technical issues.


We strive to minimize your staff burden during our dashboard creation process. The typical staff time requirement from start to finish is 3-4 phone calls for direction and input.


  1. Total Fee: $8,800 
    1. Components:
      • eImpact Report license
      • Professional services and data updates
      • Training and Support
      • Optional annual renewal


Scroll the frame at right to view the full report. All eImpact reports are embeddable with copy-paste embed codes, branded to be seamless to your website.