DATA REPORTING: Workforce Development & Institutional Advancement
eImpact | October 2018


Delgado Community College


eImpact Report 


  • Delgado Community College is the largest higher education institution in the New Orleans area, providing degrees, certifications and training programs to help residents create productive livelihoods.
  • The college seeks to use data to help Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement initiatives work together, including information on completors, certifications and more. 
  • Doing so will help Delgado Community College grow and expand by engaging workforce and economic development leaders.


Where are our graduates today?

How can we grow local trades?

How can we analyze future scenarios?


The following conceptual report outline is meant to help stimulate ideas and additional questions as the College contemplates the use of data to help tell its story. This outline includes a complete reporting solution, from data sourcing and processing, to finished narrative in an interactive format. Delgado's knowledge of its community will enable a key narrative component will to help put each metric displayed into context, giving the data meaning and aiding in audience interpretation.

    • Qualitative + Quantitative: for the individual focus areas of the report there will be a mix of quantitative metrics and qualitative narrative, including specific stories. 
    • Focus Areas:
      1. Completors, Certifications, Graduates
      2. Tracking Where They Go Since Completion
      3. Value of Associates Degree  
      4. Key Trades & Sectors: Electricians, Carpenters, Manufacturing and more. 
      5. Demographics and Regional Economy
    • Geographic Area of Analysis: eImpact will analyze all data for a custom area of the Greater New Orleans area, as defined by Delgado. Data for state(s) overall as well as national benchmarks may also be included.
    • Build report: eImpact will provide all report layout and design, including data visualizations, maps and other report components. Delgado may provide as much narrative as desired.
    • Report formats: the final report will be available via web (hosted by eImpact) with a direct link, print/PDF versions, as well as embedded on the Delgado website.
    • Website Embedding: dashboard provided with embed code for seamless integration to website, including styling. 
    • Engagement Tracking: view tracking analytics for primary website version as well as individual sharing (tracked by email address).
    • Training and Support: for duration of 12-month term phone and email support will be provided for any technical issues.
Tailored Data Narratives
The following section includes live examples from different clients. Each report varies depending on our specific client, report focus area, and styling, but we hope these examples give you a feel for different approaches.

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